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Treat Mom to the best of SoHo dining at MAMO Restaurant. This French/Italian Provencal menu from Michelin-starred Executive Chef Massimo Sola hits all the right notes. Mother’s Day Specials include Salmon Carpaccio with Asparagus Salad and Burrata, Risotto Primavera with Diced Vegetables, Roasted Veal

By Norah Bradford If you were to visit Los Angeles for 24 hours and wanted to enjoy the gastronomic trilogy, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at iconic venues where should you go ? Although there are many choices depending on your propensity for star-watching or dining under the stars themselves. Here

Juniper Bar, the newest gem in the Midtown West bar and dining scene, has spruced up its menu. Located just steps away from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, this hotspot is best-known for its sophisticated décor and its generous menu and is the perfect