Media veteran Laurie Gelman celebrates her hilarious novel, Class Mom, in East Hampton, NY

Author Laurie Gelman celebrated the launch of her debut book, Class Mom: A Novel, on Thursday, August 24, 2017 with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the home of Deana and Steve Hanson in East Hampton, NY.

Class Mom: A Novel is a clever take on a year in the life of kindergarten class mom, Jen Dixon. Jen is not your typical Kansas City, Missouri kindergarten class mom―or a mom in general. Jen already has two college-age daughters by two different men (probably musicians), and it is her second time around the class mom block with five-year-old Max―this time with a husband and father by her side. Though her best friend and PTA President sees her as the “wisest” candidate for the job (or oldest), not all of the other parents agree.

From recording parents’ response times to her emails about helping in the classroom, to requesting contributions of “special” brownies for curriculum night, not all of Jen’s methods win approval from the other parents. Throw in an old flame from Jen’s past, a hyper-sensitive “allergy mom,” a surprisingly sexy kindergarten teacher, and an impossible-to-please Real Housewife-wannabe, causing problems at every turn, and the job really becomes much more than she signed up for.

Relatable, irreverent, and hilarious in the spirit of Maria Semple, Class Mom is a fresh, welcome voice in fiction―the kind of novel that real moms clamor for, and a vicarious thrill-read for all parents, who will be laughing as they are liberated by Gelman’s acerbic truths.

Notable attendees included: Laurie and Michael Gelman, Andrew Marshak and Ursla Marshak; Mireya D’Angelo, Sofia D’Angelo, and Joseph D’Angelo; Richard Johnson; Caryn Zucker; Michael Crocitto and Maria Crocitto; Jane Wagman and Richard Wagman; Susan Cohen and Steven Cohen; Stephen Cooper and Sari Cooper; David Stellings and Brande Stellings; Lee Fryd; Anita Rogers; Deana Hanson and Brynn Hanson; Mia McDonald and Anthony Dicks; Lisa Ades; Lois Bennett; Alex Berg and Nancy Frigand; Corey McCutcheon; Brian Renzetti; Gerald Lefcourt and Dr. Barry Weintraub.

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Laurie Gelman was born and raised in the Great White North. She spent twenty-five years as a broadcaster in Canada and the United States before trying her hand at writing novels. Laurie lives in New York City with her husband, Michael Gelman, and their two teenage daughters. Class Mom is her first book.

 CLASS MOM: A Novel by Laurie Gelman

$26 hardcover; 304 pages

$12.99 ebook

Published by Henry Holt and Co. Distributed through Macmillan. Available wherever books are sold.

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